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Downdraft Tables
  • The Airflow Systems line of downdraft tables brings source capture collection efficiency to industrial applications requiring larger, open collection areas and work surfaces. The Airflow Systems downdraft table combines the work surface with the particulate collection area. The downdraft design draws contaminants away from the worker's breathing zone without hindering the worker's movement or productivity. Airflow Systems offers a selection of portable downdraft tables and stationary downdraft tables for most any type of grinding, sanding, and welding application.
ALH-1 DTH-800 DTH-1700 DT-3000
Collection Arms
  • Airflow Systems offers a full line of extraction arms for virtually any industrial source collection application. From the power of the heavy-duty E-Z Arm® High Flow Extractor to the collection performance of the E-Z Arm® II High Flow Extractor and the precision of the E-Z Arm® 2.5" Extractor Arm, each extraction arm unit is designed to meet demanding application-specific requirements. E-Z Arm® and E-Z Arm® II High Flow Extractor Arms are also available in stainless steel for process-critical applications where wash downs and corrosive environments are common.
E-Z Arm E-Z Arm II E-Z Arm 2.5  
Portable Collection Systems
  • Airborne contaminants produced during manufacturing and processing applications are not always effectively collected with ambient dust collector systems. The Airflow Systems line of portable dust collectors deliver up to 1600 CFM of source collection power anywhere it's needed on the shop floor. These portable dust collectors offer multiple filter options, including: aluminum mesh pre-filters, high-pressure polyester bag filters, and cartridge filters for collection of contaminants from mist and fumes to dust and smoke.


Mini-Vac PAC-91


Vehicle Exhaust Removal
  • The Airflow Systems line of vehicle exhaust removal products are designed to bring clean air to vehicle service facilities. If not controlled, vehicle exhaust can contribute to worker illness, increase facility maintenance expense, and harm the sensitive electronics of diagnostic and servicing equipment. Vehicle exhaust removal systems from Airflow Systems, Inc.® are a versatile, easy-to-use technology that provides for the collection and removal of potentially harmful vehicle exhaust. From exhaust hose reels to a hose saddle, exhaust removal systems from Airflow will quickly contribute to improved service bay cleanliness and total facility productivity.

Portable Exhaust Removal Systems

Single Hose Systems

Retractable Hose Systems