The Benefits of Better Technology

Airflow Systems air filtration products are engineered to provide both environmental and economic function. Better technology provides economic advantages such as lower maintenance and energy costs, and fewer insurance claims. Better filtration technology also improves the work environment, protecting workers and equipment from potentially hazardous contaminants. This combined economic and environmental benefit defines environomics.

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Vibra-Pulse® cleaning combines compressed-air technology with a filter-rapping action to clean the cartridge to within 10% of its original pressure differential. Vibra-Pulse® will return filters to 80% holding capacity. 4-times cleaner than "reverse pulse" systems. Environomic advantages: more effective air filtration and particle collection for cleaner air and lower air filtration costs.

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The Airflow Systems, Inc. MistPlus® Contaminant Management System introduces proprietary barrier-type media into the air flow path, collecting and removing oil mist and dry contaminant without compromising operating efficiency. MistPlus® Contaminant Management System delivers over 95% filtration efficiency. Airflow Systems provides collection technologies with environomic advantages: protecting worker health and extending the life of manufacturing equipment.

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The Airflow Systems E-Z Arm® external support design eliminates the problems of reduced collection efficiancy and increased power consumption common with internally supported collection arms. The Airflow Systems E-Z Arm® design delivers up to 1500 CFM of collection power while reducing electrical consumuption to 30% over competitive systems operating at equal CFM levels.

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Conventional fan drives run at a constant speed even if the required static pressure at the collection area is higher or lower than that provided by the fan. This imbalance between power needed, and power provided, is the cause of wasted energy in constant-speed fans.

Airflow Systems products integrate variable frequency drives to modulate fan speed while maintaining the required static pressure based on the fluctuating power needs of the application. Another way Airflow Systems delivers performance - with payback.