Features & Benefits
  • Complete, Above-ceiling Unit: Installs completely concealed; quiet operation.
  • Direct-drive Blower: Long filter life and greater reliability; no belts or pulleys to replace.
  • Non-electrostatic Operation: High reliability, low maintenance.
  • Ultra-Seal® Filter Mounting: Eliminates contaminant bypass of filters.
  • High Efficiency Filter Media: Provides maximum collection and filtration effectiveness.
  • ODOR/EX Cartridge Filter: Replaceable unit adjustable to varying environments to provide room deodorization as well as odor control.
  • Disposable/cleanable Media Filters: Can be vacuumed or replaced when dirty, no tools needed.
  • Commercial Duty Cabinet With Textured Epoxy Finish: Durable protection, aesthetic appeal.
  • Remote Wall Switch: 2-speed lighted switch.
  • Charcoal Absorber Modules: Refillable modules control gases and odors.
  • HEPA After-Filter: provides 99.97% DOP efficiency.
  • Dual Inlet: Two inlets and two outlets for improved air circulation.
  • Construction: 18 ga. welded steel cabinet, textured epoxy finish
  • Noise Level (dBA): 42/45
  • Electrical: .50 HP - 115V, 7.4 amps
  • Nominal Air Flow (CFM): 750/1000 CFM
  • Width: 20.00”
  • Height: 14.00”
  • Length: 46.00”