Portable Dust Collectors

Clean Air Increases Comfort and Productivity

Heavy smoke and odor generated during molding machine purging operations was creating an uncomfortable work environment for the equipment operators and shop floor personnel of an Eastern U.S. plastic components manufacturer. The company had recently opened a new facility to produce a variety of small parts for OEM clients. Most of its runs are short, requiring frequent material and color changes on each of its 14 injection molding machines that range from 50-ton to 385-ton capacity. The mold purging agent combined with the purged resin, at times, produced a high concentration of smoke and odor that irritated employees. "We tried opening the doors, but our medical clients would not approve of this approach," said the plant manager. "We needed a cleaner environment."

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The Airflow Systems Answer

air cleaningThe company researched air filtration and collection equipment and technologies, and decided to go with an Airflow Systems, PAC 91-AD portable air cleaning unit. "HVAC distributors had also recommended systems, but we have had good experience with Airflow Systems at our other facility, so we went with them," the plant manager explained. Airflow Systems portable air cleaners provide up to 1200 CFM of source collection power anywhere they're needed on the shop floor to collect contaminants that can't always be efficiently captured by ambient filtration systems. The unit was also equipped with an additional activated carbon after-filter to remove odors.

Positive Proof of Cleaner Air

Within days complaints from machine operators and other shop floor personnel about the smoke and odor irritation dropped. It was also no longer necessary to open doors for ventilation purposes; allowing the manufacturer to comply with their customers' requirements for facility cleanliness. Using Airflow Systems portable air cleaning systems reduced plant energy costs. By keeping doors closed the need to condition make-up air for the facility was eliminated.