Mist Collectors

Automotive Equipment Maker Eliminates Airborne Mist, Improves Productivity

oil mist collectorsAn international automotive equipment manufacturer was experiencing increased downtime as well as higher facility and equipment maintenance costs as a result of airborne oil mist migrating throughout its plant. The company produces injection valve assemblies using five Cincom Citizen L25 machine tools. The tools machine carbon steel at speeds up to 2,000 rpm using petroleum-based cutting fluids. "It was a problem for our employees," a plant official explained, "And a problem for our equipment. It seemed like we were constantly changing filters, and things still didn't clear up."The lost time couldn't be made up as the company already ran a 24-hour/7 day-a-week production schedule. Various oil mist collectors were tried, such as cartridge filter collectors, designed primarily for dry dust collection, and electrostatic precipitators. Neither option could effectively handle oil mist and both equipment types required frequent filter changeout.

The Airflow Systems Answer

oil mist collectorsWith a production schedule that demanded a low maintenance, high efficiency solution, the company began to study alternative mist collection options.They found the answer in Airflow Systems, Inc. oil mist collection technology. The Airflow Systems MistPlus® Contaminant Management System combines effective mist collection with superior drainage efficiency that extends filter life and maintenance cycles. An Airflow Systems Model MP14 oil mist collector systems was installed as a trial. The Airflow Systems MP14 features a bottom inlet that permitted installation directly above the machine tool, creating a clean installation that saved valuable floor space.The unit collects mist at high efficiency (90%-plus) levels over the full life of the filter. A 95%DOP external filter was installed as a secondary safety filter. The MP14 produces air flow levels up to 1400 CFM.

Positive Proof of Cleaner Air

The Airflow Systems Model MP14 effectively collected and filtered the airborne oil mist. The MistPlus® filter provided extremely high collection efficiency and far exceeded the company 's filter life requirements. Four additional Airflow Systems MP14 oil mist collectors were installed on the remaining machine tools. "It 's been great," the company official reported." We've already saved money and maintenance cycles have extended way out."