Extraction Arms

Fume Extractors Clear Up Weld Smoke

Smoke produced during SMAW and FCAW welding operations in the weld lab at a west coast vocational college was so heavy that it reduced visibility and caused students to cough. The 4800 square-foot facility has 22 weld stations in use nearly every day. It serves as a classroom five days a week and is used after hours and on weekends as a testing and certification lab for a large nearby municipality. The building was equipped with three ceiling exhaust fans but these were severely overloaded by the large amount of welding smoke. "There were times I couldn't see the other end of the shop from my desk," the program's director said. Student health and safety were the primary concerns. The college also wanted to maintain their testing services. "Our city has stringent requirements for ventilation systems in the labs they use," the director explained. "We didn't want to lose certification as a testing lab."

The Airflow Systems Answer

fume extractorsThe program director reviewed a number of options and decided the Airflow Systems E-Z Arm® High Flow Fume Extractor would be the best air filtration system for the job. The externally supported E-Z Arm® Fume Extractors are easier to position and provides higher flow rates, better fume extraction, and more efficient operation than internally supported models. "The Airflow Systems arms are real flexible, perfect for out-of-position welding," the director added. The college installed an Airflow Systems E-Z Arm® High Flow Extractor Arm to catch the smoke at each of its 22 weld stations, and all were hard ducted to a single 20 HP blower that exhausted smoke outside of the lab. In addition to supplying product, the Airflow Systems distributor demonstrated the technical knowledge needed to work with the college's outside consulting group to design and install the fume extractor and air filtration system.

Positive Proof of Welding Smoke Extraction

Using the Airflow Systems E-Z Arm® self-supporting fume extractors, the weld smoke was removed immediately. "It's a night and day difference," the program director explained. "The students are comfortable now and I can see from one end of the lab to the other." Testing and certification customers are also favorably impressed with the lab. "They even compliment us on the system," the director said. "It's a great system—easy to operate and easy to maintain."