Dust Control Booths

Dust Control System Helps Sheet Metal Fabricator Eliminate

A Texas-based sheet metal fabricator was experiencing increased part reject rates as a result of poor paint finish quality caused by dust imbedded into the finished paint surface. Production rates slowed due to re-working, or re-manufacturing rejected parts. The company also experienced reduced per-piece profitability resulting from increased overtime wages and facility maintenance costs. The dust originated in an area where finish grinding and sanding was done on welded metal parts prior to being prepared for painting.

dust control

The Airflow Systems Answer

dust controlThe company's paint booth was exhausted to the outside by equipment which caused a strong negative pressure area within the plant. This negative pressure caused a vacuum-like effect, drawing dust into the paint booth. The company considered various dust control equipment solutions, including constructing a modular building in the facility for the grinding and sanding area but was reluctant because of the cost. The company evaluated a variety of in-plant dust control and air collection systems including mechanical extractor arms, ambient systems, and portable dust collector equipment. However, the local Airflow Systems distributor presented a cost-effective alternative to the company—the Airflow Systems DCB-2 Dust Control Booth™. The Airflow Systems DCB-2 is a totally self-contained dust control filter booth, measuring 8'W x 8'D x 8'H. The DCB-2 was able to enclose the grinding and sanding area without the expense of a modular building. The Airflow Systems DCB-2 Dust Control Booth™ was powerful enough to overcome the negative pressure within the plant and collect and clean 9000 cubic feet of shop air per minute.

Positive Proof of Dust Control

The Airflow Systems DCB-2 eliminated the dust migration problem immediately. "The most important thing is our customers are happy—our reject rates are back to nearly zero," says the company's Production Supervisor. The company was also able to realize significant cost savings following the installation of the Airflow Systems DCB-2 equipment. "Without the re-working and re-manufacturing we were able to eliminate overtime wages, and with more efficient production we were able to reduce per-piece manufacturing costs," said the Production Supervisor. "These factors made an instant, positive impact on our bottom line."