Downdraft Tables

Manufacturing Company Installs Industrial Dust Control and Eliminates Production Slowdown

industrial dust controlUncontrolled dust from weld finishing and painting operations was slowing the production output of a Midwest converting equipment manufacturer. The company, which designs and builds machinery for producing plastic bags, tests all its finished units in house. During the 100-hour test period, airborne plant dust generated from nearby machining operations was scratching highly sensitive drum blankets as well as contaminating electronic machine controls; causing blankets to track improperly and entangle in equipment. The blankets, designed to perform a year or more under normal conditions, were being replaced as often as twice a month, costing the company several thousand dollars in equipment, man hours, and development costs before a machine ever left the plant. A source capture air filtration system, in place at welding stations to clean air, was effective in handling smoke but inadequate at controlling heavy dust and particulate.

The Airflow Systems Answer

industrial dust controlThe company's maintenance staff researched a variety of installations and collection methods to find an acceptable air cleaning solution, visiting similar types of facilities and talking with shop floor personnel. The Airflow Systems DT-3000 industrial dust control downdraft table was their choice from among all available air cleaning equipment. The company worked with their Airflow Systems distributor, who installed two DT-3000 industrial dust control units to pull weld smoke and grinding dust out of plant air, removing particulate as small as 0.03 microns with over 99% efficiency.

Positive Proof of Industrial Dust Control

The company's productivity is back to expected levels. Machine controls and blankets are dust-free, testing goes on uninterrupted, and corrective maintenance expenses have been eliminated. Since the initial installation, the company has added an Airflow Systems portable vacuum unit, attached to an orbital sander, controlling fiberglass-fill residue in its paint area.