Commercial Air Cleaners

Clean Air Improves Business

Shortly after opening its new, 6,700 square-foot facility, an Ohio VFW organization began to experience declining attendance levels. A constant, smoky haze inside the building was identified as the cause—among those who did come, many left early because of the smoke. The facility was equipped with a series of table-top smoke collection devices but had no commercial air cleaning system. The smoke collectors, according to club principals, "... just blew the smoke back in our faces. People's eyes were burning... there was a layer of smoke all through the building."

commercial air cleaners

The Airflow Systems Answer

commercial air cleanersA committee of VFW members was formed to investigate options for cleaning the air. The committee met with their local Airflow Systems distributor who recommended the installation of four 1500D and one 1000D commercial air cleaning unit. Airflow Systems commercial air cleaners are specially designed to collect and condition air, removing smoke, odor, and dust, before returning clean air to the building. The commercial air cleaner was completely concealed, to preserve building aesthetics, and was installed by the Airflow Systems distributor. "He also set us up with a service program," one member added. "Everything's taken care of for us —filter changes, repairs—with no charge for labor or materials."

Positive Proof of Cleaner Air

The results of installing an Airflow Systems 1000D commercial air cleaner have been clearly positive. Meetings and special events now regularly fill the 250-seat facility, and guests no longer leave early. "You can really see the system working," said one of the club's principals. "Business has increased 50 to 65%. It works so well that guests have noticed they aren't going home with a smoky smell on their clothing."