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Overhead Dust Collection System Reduces Rework Expense

A Midwest computer component manufacturer was experiencing increasing product rejection and return rates resulting from metal finishing dust floating into final assembly areas. The metal dust in the air was causing static interference in finished computer assemblies. A dust collection system including a series of free-standing source collection units were ineffective in containing the dust. Facility design modifications, including an overhead hood, additional venting, and the addition of fans and blowers, did not control the heavy concentration of dust, particularly when it came to cleaning the air of smaller contaminants.

overhead dust collection systems

The Airflow Systems Answer

overhead dust collection systemsAfter considering a costly plant redesign, the company chose to re-evaluate their dust collection system technology. They met with an Airflow Systems distributor who recommended the installation of two Airflow Systems F70R overhead air filtration units. These high-efficiency overhead dust collection units continuously filter and recirculate air to remove particulate, smoke, and odors from environments where source capture of pollutants is not practical or possible.

Positive Proof of Cleaner Air

Within the first week of operation, the Airflow Systems F70R pre-filters collected more particulate from the air than the previous source collection system had in several months of operation. The dust collection units also proved easy to service. "We change the pre-filter, but I can have anyone do it," the plant manager explained. "And the primary filter needs change-out only once a year." Component rejection has been virtually eliminated, and the cost in equipment, labor, and downtime from a plant redesign was avoided.