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Collect and Remove Harmful Engine Exhaust Fumes and Smoke during Indoor Service, Production, or Testing of Gas-, Diesel-, or Propane-driven Engines; Protect Workers, Reduce Maintenance Costs

The V.E.S. line of motor exhaust collection systems provides high-efficiency collection and removal of disruptive and dangerous motor exhausts generated during indoor service, production, or testing of gas-, diesel-, or propane-driven engines. V.E.S. motor exhaust collection systems are available for large, high-volume, multi-bay, vehicle service facilities, to single-bay operations requiring only periodic use. V.E.S. motor exhaust collection systems are engineered for every exhaust type including class 8 heavy-duty trucks, passenger vehicles, outboard motors, and small engines.

The V.E.S. product line includes: the VES-Reel, a retractable hose-and-reel system with a remote-mounted blower for high-volume exhaust collection and trouble-free hose management; the VES-Hose System, a single- or double-hose collection design with an integrated blower/motor to efficiently collect and remove exhaust from single- or multi-bay work areas; and, the VES-Portable, a self-contained exhaust collection and removal system including a high-efficiency motor/blower and up to 30-feet of collection hose to bring exhaust removal to areas where conventional systems cannot reach. The V.E.S. line also includes accessories such as tailpipe connectors for standard, heavy-duty, and high temperature exhausts; hose balancers and boom arms for hose control; and multiple motor/blower sizes from 1.5 HP to 10 HP.

Government and industrial regulatory agencies continue to review and revise the Permissible Exposure Levels (PEL) for the various compositions of vehicle exhausts found in the workplace. The V.E.S. line of motor exhaust and collection systems can assist in achieving regulatory compliance by collection the exhausts at their source and removing the exhausts from the work area. The V.E.S. line of engine exhaust and collection systems can also prevent damage to sensitive electronics of diagnostic equipment and reduce costly facility maintenance due to the settling on surfaces of uncollected airborne exhaust particulate being re-circulated throughout a facility.

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