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Heavy-Duty Downdraft Table Provides Powerful, Efficient Operation

The DT-3000V2 downdraft table protects workers and facilities from dust, fumes, smoke, and other airborne contaminants produced during most manufacturing or processing operations. Typical applications include: grinding, dry powder mixing, MIG welding, soldering, polishing, and sanding. Typical industries include: metal fabrication, dry powder processing, composite finishing, and electronics.

The DT-3000V2 downdraft table, manufactured by Airflow Systems, Inc.®, offers a large, 19.25 sq. ft. work surface and a 1,500 lb. table capacity. A high-performance, direct-drive blower works to quickly draw contaminants down through the work surface and away from the worker's breathing zone. Contaminants are then collected using high-efficiency filtration (99.97% efficient with HEPA after-filter).

The DT-3000V2 helps reduce facility-wide maintenance costs with its Vibra-Pulse® filter cleaning system. This system reduces filter change-out frequency and extends filter life. The DT-3000V2 direct-drive blower design eliminates belt and pulley repair; reducing maintenance costs and ensuring reliability. The DT-3000V2 generates up to 195 feet-per-minute of downdraft velocity and runs at a quiet 81 dBA.

The DT-3000V2 is the latest release in a series of downdraft collection products from Airflow Systems, Inc.® Other products in the DT Series downdraft product line include portable units, and units designed for aluminum dust or other explosive metal dust applications.

View the DT-3000V2 downdraft table and its performance data and specifications.

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