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Free-standing Dust Collection System Eliminates Need for Ducting; Uses New, Exo-filter Design for High-efficiency, Ambient Filtration

The AirPod™ free-standing dust collection system provides high-efficiency collection and filtration of airborne contaminants, including: sanding dust, solid surface particulate, composite materials, metal finishing dust, dry chemicals and powders. The AirPod provides 98% filtration efficiency of 1.0 to 3.0 micron airborne contaminants (MERV 11 filter efficiency).

The AirPod free-standing, ambient dust collection system eliminates the need for costly air ducting that is often required with centralized dust collectors. The new, exo-filter cabinet design positions the filters on the outside of the AirPod filter cabinet, increasing the filter collection surface area and improving total collection efficiency.

The AirPod is offered in three modular configurations: a single-pod (AirPod I), and double-pod (AirPod II) or triple-pod (AirPod III) stacked module sets. The AirPod design leverages the unit's air handling path to improve in-use operating efficiency. When filtered, cool air is discharged from the top of the unit, the cool air, heavier than the ambient air, naturally falls to floor level. As this cycle repeats, a downward velocity is created forcing dirty air down to the filter intake areas and creating a self-perpetuating air cleaning cycle within the worker breathing zone.

The AirPod is powered by a direct-drive motor/blower yet requires less electricity than typical filtration systems and needs no compressed air. Air handling capacities from 2,500 CFM to 5,000 CFM ensure efficient collection in virtually any industrial application from metal fabrication, vocational schools and training facilities, to chemical processing plants. Multiple filter configurations are available, including MERV 14 efficiency, 99.97% efficient HEPA filtration for sub-micron particle collection, and charcoal-impregnated filters for odor absorption.

View the AirPod and its performance data and specifications.

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