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Heavy-Duty Downdraft Table Provides Powerful, Efficient Operation

The DT-3000V2 downdraft table protects workers and facilities from dust, fumes, smoke, and other airborne contaminants produced during most manufacturing or processing operations. Typical applications include: grinding, dry powder mixing, MIG welding, soldering, polishing, and sanding. Typical industries include: metal fabrication, dry powder processing, composite finishing, and electronics. To read more »

Self-contained Dust Control Booth Provides High-performance Air Filtration, Reduces Energy Consumption and Extends Filter Life

The Dust Control Booth™ collection system provides a self-contained work environment that collects and filters dust, smoke, fumes, and other manufacturing or processing contaminants before they can escape the work area and migrate throughout the facility.

The Dust Control Booth design allows for the addition or removal of modules as containment collection requirements vary. To read more »

Free-standing Dust Collection System Eliminates Need for Ducting; Designed for High-efficiency, Ambient Filtration

The AirPod™ free-standing dust collection system provides high-efficiency collection and filtration of airborne contaminants, including: sanding dust, solid surface particulate, composite materials, metal finishing dust, dry chemicals and powders. The AirPod provides 98% filtration efficiency of 1.0 to 3.0 micron airborne contaminants (MERV 11 filter efficiency). To read more »

Desk-style Downdraft Dust Collector Reduces Operator Fatigue, Improves Output Rates and Production Quality

The Easy-Bench™ desk-style, downdraft dust collector reduces worker fatigue while improving operator output rates and production quality. The ergonomic, desk-style design of the Easy-Bench allows the operator to work over the downdraft area while seated, rather than standing and leaning over the downdraft area; as with typical downdraft table designs. To read more »

Collect and Remove Harmful Engine Exhaust Fumes and Smoke; Protect Workers, Reduce Maintenance Costs

The V.E.S. line of motor exhaust collection systems provides high-efficiency collection and removal of disruptive and dangerous motor exhausts generated during indoor service, production, or testing of gas-, diesel-, or propane-driven engines. V.E.S. motor exhaust collection systems are available for large, high-volume, multi-bay, vehicle service facilities, to single-bay operations requiring only periodic use. V.E.S. motor exhaust collection systems are engineered for every exhaust type including class 8 heavy-duty trucks, passenger vehicles, outboard motors, and small engines. To read more »