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The following application profiles highlight the in-use benefits of the Airflow Systems, Inc. product line. These application profiles include details of how Airflow Systems products deliver environmental and economic benefits in field applications including metal fabrication, machining, welding, and materials processing; collecting and filtering airborne contaminants such as grinding dust, weld smoke, machining oil mist, and processing dust and fumes.

Dust Collectors:

High-volume Dust Collectors Keep Maintenance Costs Low
A manufacturer, located in the Southwestern United States, produces oil field equipment. Part of the manufacturing process includes automatic welding and hard banding. Total wire usage, system-wide, is over five tons annually. The extremely high level of wire usage generated large amounts of weld smoke and fumes throughout the facility. To read more »

Mist Collectors:

Automotive Equipment Maker Eliminates Airborne Machining Mist
An international automotive equipment manufacturer was experiencing increased downtime as well as higher facility and equipment maintenance costs as a result of airborne oil mist migrating throughout its plant. "It was a problem for our employees," a plant official explained, "And a problem for our equipment. To read more »

Air Cleaners:

Overhead Dust Collection System Reduces Rework Expense
A Midwest computer component manufacturer was experiencing increasing product rejection and return rates resulting from metal finishing dust floating into final assembly areas. The metal dust in the air was causing static interference in finished computer assemblies. To read more »

Portable Dust Collectors:

Injection Molding Operation Cleans Air, Increases Productivity
Heavy smoke and odor generated during molding machine purging operations was creating an uncomfortable work environment for the equipment operators and shop floor personnel of an Eastern U.S. plastic components manufacturer. To read more »

Extraction Arms:

Weld Smoke and Fumes Cleared Up By Collection Arms
Smoke produced during SMAW and FCAW welding operations in the weld lab at a west coast vocational college was so heavy that it reduced visibility and caused students to cough. The 4800 square-foot facility has 22 weld stations in use nearly every day. To read more »

Downdraft Tables:

Manufacturing Company Install Dust Control; Eliminates Production Slowdown
Uncontrolled dust from weld finishing and painting operations was slowing the production output of a converting equipment manufacturer. During the 100-hour test period, airborne dust generated from nearby machining was causing product damage. To read more »

Dust Control Booths:

Dust Control system Helps Sheet Metal Fabricator Eliminate Quality Control Problems
A sheet metal fabricator was experiencing increased part reject rates as a result of poor paint finish quality caused by dust imbedded into the finished paint surface. Production rates slowed due to re-working, or re-manufacturing rejected parts. To read more »

High Vacuum Units:

High Vacuum Dust Collection Keeps High-volume Welding Up To Speed
A manufacturer of car and truck bumpers was experiencing excessive amounts of in-plant smoke and dust generated by robotic welding in its assembly area. The robotic units operate 20 hours a day, 6 days a week, consuming nearly 5,000 pounds of weld wire per month. The resulting high levels of weld fumes, smoke, and dust caused potential for worker health and product quality problems. To read more »

Commercial Air Cleaners:

Clean Air Improves Business By Over 50%
Shortly after opening its new, 6,700 square-foot facility, an Ohio VFW organization began to experience declining attendance levels. A constant, smoky haze inside the building was identified as the cause—among those who did come, many left early because of the smoke. To read more »